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What Payroll Integration Is and Why You Need It

As businesses grow, they need more help with payroll and human resources solutions that work with their existing legacy systems. That’s where payroll software integrations come into play.

Payroll companies often offer a variety of human resource solutions that work with data in the payroll software to provide a more coherent and robust human capital management system for a business. These solutions include benefits administration, time and labor management, employee onboarding, earned wage access, performance management, and more. But what if a business needs to continue using a legacy system that fulfills a vital business function? That’s where payroll software integrations come into play.

What is payroll software integration?

A payroll software integration allows data to be exchanged between a business’s payroll solution and their other third party software, such as time management systems, learning management systems, point of sale systems, and other tools used for business operations. This synchronization of data flow eliminates the need to manually input the same information into multiple systems, which saves a lot of time and helps prevent costly errors.

Why do businesses need payroll integrations?

Managing payroll can require manual data input at many points during the process. There are even more points for data entry when using multiple software applications to run a business. With payroll integrations, data is entered once and is synchronized with the other systems. This has multiple benefits, including:

  • Greater Consistency

  • Ensured Accuracy

  • Increased Automation

  • Fewer Duplicated Processes

  • Integrations help payroll and HR teams by saving them time and allowing them to focus on providing more value to their businesses through accurate and consistent reporting and more time spent on other tasks.

What kinds of payroll integrations are out there?

Payroll service providers that integrate with other systems will usually offer integrations with the following systems businesses already use:

Applicant Tracking

Benefits Administration

Time Clock

Point of Sale

Learning and Development systems


Retirement Plan

Time & Attendance

Workers Comp

If you need a payroll company that will work with your existing systems, or if you’d like the option to add more services later, check out the payroll company’s list of integrations to ensure they can work with your specific solution.

What are 180° and 360° integrations?

When you are looking over the variety of payroll integrations available, you will come across both 180° and 360° integrations. These integrations connect the data in your payroll system to other systems you may use.

180° integrations send employee data one-way. Data can flow outbound from the payroll system into the other systems being used for business operations, or it can flow inbound from the third-party tool into the payroll system.

360° integrations send employee data both ways between the payroll software and the integrated systems.

Waikiki Payroll powered by Proliant’s Integration Ecosystem

Proliant’s ever-expanding ecosystem of integrations assures that data will flow seamlessly between your legacy systems and Proliant. We currently have hundreds of integration partners that we work with to ensure smooth business operations for our clients, no matter their industry. Our integrations extend business capabilities by consolidating internal business processes, reducing manual administration, and connecting an organization’s HR data across multiple systems.

The world of business is ever evolving and picking up pace, so why get buried in spreadsheets, crosschecking, and increasing the potential for error with every manual process?

“We want to enable our clients to maximize their potential and put the time in where it counts while still having confidence in their HR processes,” says Proliant’s Head of Integrated Partnerships Natasha Goehring. “That is why we continue to expand our marketplace of over 150 integrations, offering well-rounded solutions that increase efficiency at every point of the employee lifecycle, cover a variety of industries, and support the vital roles within a business unit. That is the foundation of our partnership program at Proliant - where our system can talk to yours.”

Also, if Proliant does not offer an integration, we’re always looking for new integration partners. If you would like to work together to integrate our systems and gain a competitive advantage to support our clients, contact us today to create great client experiences.

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