Non-Profit Specialists

Any company can do your payroll but do they understand your challenges?


  • Fund Accounting

  • Administrative Reporting

  • Time Keeping over Multiple Worksites or Projects

  • We have a unique background with non-profits and a large percentage of our client base consists of 501(c)3 entities.


We know you want to keep administrative costs low, so you can better fund your programs. As our way of giving back, we automatically discount 25% off our rates to any non-profit entity.


Churches & Ministries

Our background serving in churches and ministries and years of providing HR and payroll support to them, put us in a unique position.

Camps, schools, denominational offices and para-church groups: we understand your world!


  • We speak your language: Housing Allowance, Car Allowance, OASDI Exemptions

  • We know that you deal with special deductions and other financial issues

  • We understand the challenges of managing volunteers